Haris Simintzis – Psychotherapist

Haris Simintzis is a professional in the field of mental health. We took over the social media management Facebook as well as Meta Ads. The goal was to increase leads, a few likes and wider awareness through social media. In less than 1 month we increased organic followers by 13% , with paid media by 80% and some of them became leads.


  • Acquiring leads
  • Social media management with visuals and texts


The first thing we did was to study the competitors, since the professional reaches out to people nationwide through online sessions. We then proceeded to develop a strategy for social media and Meta Ads.

Social media

The placement we used was Facebook. We created posts of an informative nature in static images.


Meta Ads: in the first month of working together, we had a 110% increase in traffic to the site from new users and a 48% increase in leads.


  • Increase in website traffic
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increase in sales
  • ROAS indicators passed 3.5

Samples of social media management