Papalagaras Law Office Logo

In this project, our team undertook the logo design for the law firm of Mr. Papalagaras.


To create a logo:
  • Simple: Mr. Papalagaras wanted a logo without unnecessary elements, minimalistic and elegant.
  • Professional: The logo had to reflect the lawyer’s credibility and experience.
  • Recognizable: The logo had to be distinctive and easily recognizable by the public.


  • Image: The goddess Themis, a symbol of Justice, was used as the central element of the logo.
  • Colors: Grey was chosen as the primary color as it symbolizes seriousness, reliability and balance.
  • Typography: An elegant and legible font was used for the lawyer’s name.


The final logo is a minimalist and elegant design that reflects the professionalism and reliability of the law firm. The use of the goddess Themis and the choice of colors and font help create a logo that is easily recognizable and leaves a positive impression.