Maria Bakirtzi – Business Coach

Maria Bakirtzi is a professional in the field of coaching for businesses and executives. We took over the social media management on Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram, as well as the blog posts. The goal was brand awareness & to get on the search engines with relevant keywords. In less than 1 month we organically increased followers by 20%, traffic by 63% and engagement by 16%.


  • Social media management with visuals and text. See here for details on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Google ranking with blog posts. See a sample text here and more here.


The first thing we did was to study the competitors, since we are targeting businesses and professionals nationwide. Then we moved on to developing a social media strategy.

Social media

The channel we used was Facebook and Instagram. We created posts of an informative nature in static images.


  • Strengthening of brand awareness
  • Increased website traffic
  • Increase followers
  • Increase engagement

Samples of social media management