Specisoft S.A.

Specisoft is a software development company. We took over the social media management on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, as well as Meta Ads. The goal was to increase leads, purchase training books and provide more information to potential customers via social media. In less than 1 month we organically increased followers on both Facebook and Instagram by 40% and some of them became leads. Also in Meta Ads we had high traffic, reach and quality leads.


  • Acquisition of leads
  • Book purchase
  • Social media management with visuals and texts


The first thing we did was to study the competitors, since the company is targeted at professionals in Greece e.g. accountants, business owners, municipalities, banks etc. Then we proceeded to develop a strategy for social media and Meta Ads.

Social media

The channels we used were LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We created posts of an informative nature in static images.


Meta Ads: In the first month of working together, we saw a 200% increase in traffic to the site from new users, a 133% increase in leads and a 120% increase in sales.


Increase in website traffic
Increased brand awareness
Increase followers 40% organically within 1 month
Increase leads 133%
Increase in sales 120%
ROAS indicators were 5+

Samples of social media management